Bill Dempsey

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Senior Vice President of Finance

Bill Dempsey has over 25 years of experience managing innovative social change groups. He currently serves as NCF’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, managing the foundation’s investment program and financial operations; and overseeing NCF’s Health Program grants. Prior to coming to Nathan Cummings, Bill directed investor programs for international labor pension funds, leading corporate governance reform efforts in a variety of industries, developing responsible investment programs and training trustees. Bill also co-founded the CtW Investment Group, which advises public and private sector pension funds sponsored by a variety of unions.

In the early 2000’s, Bill served as a Program Officer for the Veatch Program, a funder of innovative non-profit groups throughout the U.S. A native Midwesterner, Bill began his career organizing community reinvestment groups in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Gary, Indiana.