Arts and Culture Program

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

1998 by Judith F. Baca,
"In Our Victories Lies Our Future"

The Nathan Cummings Foundation's Arts and Culture Program Guidelines build on our earlier efforts to sustain and share community-building models developed by small and mid-sized, culturally specific and community-based arts institutions. Our new objectives represent an expanded vision that acknowledges the roles that artists and cultural workers play in stimulating social change and championing economic justice in both traditional and non-traditional venues. By addressing art through the lens of social justice, we will continue to affirm artists and arts institutions that value and encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking while fostering cross-cultural conversations that transcend race, ethnicity, class, age and geography. We will also support private, public and corporate policies that benefit artists, arts organizations and constituent communities; as well as cross-disciplinary strategies that align the arts community with others with similar or complimentary interests.