2004: Objective II / Strategy 1

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2004: Objective II / Strategy 1

OBJECTIVE II: To defend against adverse public, private and corporate policies, art censorship and other legal and social challenges that impact the wellbeing of the non-profit cultural community.

Strategy 1:To identify and support arts policy organizations that facilitate discussion between policy makers and grassroots practitioners; and develop policy that is informed by research as well as evolving practices within the impacted communities.

List of Grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Center for Arts and Culture/Calling the Question: Cultural Policy at the Grassroots

National Alliance for Media Arts Centers, Inc./Giving a Public Face to the Media Arts

New York Foundation for the Arts, Inc./Guerrilla News Network, True Lies

William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice, Inc./Access to Justice

William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice, Inc./Free Expression Policy Project