2004: Objective II / Strategy 3

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2004: Objective II / Strategy 3

OBJECTIVE II: To defend against adverse public, private and corporate policies, art censorship and other legal and social challenges that impact the wellbeing of the non-profit cultural community.

Strategy 3:
To support communications strategies, including convenings, research, the development of web-pages as well as hard copy publications that foster access, encourage the exchange of ideas and educate the field about the state of the art and the implications of policy decisions for the arts community.

List of Grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Center for Arts and Culture/Calling the Question: Cultural Policy at the Grassroots

Educational Broadcasting Corporation/NOW with Bill Moyers

Film Arts Foundation/Remaking American Medicine

New York Foundation for the Arts, Inc./ Guerrilla News Network, True Lies

New York Foundation for the Arts, Inc./THE THING, Inc.