2005: Objective I / Strategy 1

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2005: Objective I / Strategy 1

Objective I: To support arts and cultural organizations partnering with community groups that engage in responsive processes, collective problem solving, cross-cultural initiatives or the education of a broader public about social justice issues and shared community concerns. These programs should have national or multi-state impact and might include: residencies; new works of performing art or exhibitions of visual art that have more than one committed venue; documentation initiatives that have commitments for comprehensive distribution plans; cross cultural and multi-state collaborations; and the dissemination of existing works that have resonance in other communities.

Strategy 1:To identify, support and document key projects that involve cultural institutions working collaboratively with multigenerational, multiethnic, multidisciplinary and/or broad geographic communities in response to economic and social justice issues articulated by those communities.

List of grants that fall under this objective/strategy:

1+1+1=ONE/We Got Issues

American Visionary Art Museum, Inc./Race/Class/Gender/Character

Antioch University/Manzanar: An American Story

Artists for Humanity, Inc./Youth-Run arts Micro-Enterprise: Replication and Dissemination

Association of Joint Labor/Management Educational Programs/Writing From A Kindred Voice: The Workers’ Writing Project

Bay Area Video Coalition, Inc./Frameworks

Bread and Roses Cultural Project, Inc./unseenamerica

The Community Consortium, Inc./Lost Cases, Recovered Lives: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic

Fiji Theater Company, Inc./Ping Chong & Company – The Undesirable Element Series

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc./The C-Series: Artists Books and Collective Action

Global Action Project, Inc./Youth Media Institute

Hip Hop Theatre Junction/HHTF On-Tour

Los Angeles Poverty Department/Agents and Assets

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship to Disadvantaged & Handicapped Youth, Inc./Art Enterprise Program

New York University/Art and Social Justice

New York University/Technology and Social Justice

Smithsonian Institution/Close Up in Black Exhibition

Society for the Preservation of Weeksville and Bedford-Stuyvesant History/Messages in the Masquerade: Carnival From Brooklyn to Bahia

The St. Louis Art Museum/National Alliance of African-American Support Groups Conference

Tides Center/Honor the Earth

Tides Center/Honor the Earth’s Impacted Nations at NCF

Wing Luke Memorial Foundation/Cultural Institutions and Sustainable Communities: Models for Social Change