2005: Objective I / Strategy 3

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2005: Objective I / Strategy 3

Objective I: To support arts and cultural organizations partnering with community groups that engage in responsive processes, collective problem solving, cross-cultural initiatives or the education of a broader public about social justice issues and shared community concerns. These programs should have national or multi-state impact and might include: residencies; new works of performing art or exhibitions of visual art that have more than one committed venue; documentation initiatives that have commitments for comprehensive distribution plans; cross cultural and multi-state collaborations; and the dissemination of existing works that have resonance in other communities.

Strategy 3:To develop and support a communications strategy that includes the publication and dissemination of research that substantiates the importance of the arts in influencing social change; and the dissemination of information about collaborative projects that leads to effective public education as well as social and political action.

List of grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility, Inc./General Support

Art 21, Inc./General Support

Art in the Public Interest/General Support

Center for Rural Strategies, Inc./Cultural Development of a Rural Communications Infrastructure

Grantmakers in the Arts/General Support

The Independent Production Fund, Inc./A People’s History of the United States

L.A. Theatre Works/Virtual Theatre Works

League of Young Voters Education Fund/Hip-Hop Training Program

Link Media, Inc./Chat the Planet: Israel Speaks to America

Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Museum Loan Network

National Performance Network, Inc./Regional Meetings & Community Fund

Radio Bilingue, Inc./Historic Digital Archive Project