New Guidelines 2002

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


New Guidelines 2002

GOAL:To support artistic practices, programs and policies that encourage cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations, and give voice to the issues and experiences of underrepresented communities, in order to build a stronger society.

OBJECTIVE 1: Arts and Social Justice

To support arts and cultural organizations partnering with community groups that engage in responsive processes, collective problem solving, cross-cultural initiatives or the education of a broader public about social justice issues and shared community concerns. These programs should have national or multi-state impact and might include: residencies; new works of performing art or exhibitions of visual art that have more than one committed venue; documentation initiatives that have commitments for comprehensive distribution plans; cross cultural and multi-state collaborations; and the dissemination of existing works that have resonance in other communities.

Strategy 1:Community Arts

To identify, support and document key projects that involve cultural institutions working collaboratively with multigenerational, multiethnic, multidisciplinary and/or broad geographic communities in response to economic and social justice issue articulated by those communities.

Alternate R.O.O.T.S.

General Support

Atlanta, GA

Alternate R.O.O.T.S. (ROOTS) is a service organization created and run by artists who have a commitment to economic and social change. ROOTS will strengthen and support its constituency of rural and geographically isolated artists by subsidizing convenings and on-going information exchange; commissioning and evaluating new works of individual member artists and projects of member institutions; and by facilitating and documenting collaborations between communities and artists that create deep and sustainable long-term relationships. $100,000

Bay Area Institute

Replicating the Beat Within

San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area Institute has run an award-winning literature program for incarcerated youth for nearly a decade. It is seeking support to develop a large, loosely affiliated network of individuals and organizations interested in creating---or strengthening existing---writing programs that are similar to its Beat Within program. It will develop 3-4 new sites with which it maintains close working relationships, providing support for them over time. $50,000

Bread and Roses Cultural Project Inc.

Unseen America

New York, NY

Bread and Roses Cultural Project Inc., (Bread and Roses) is requesting funding from NCF for Unseen America, a documentary project that provides training, tools and exhibition venues for marginalized Americans. Working people, as well as the homeless, displaced, and youth, will document their own experiences in Unseen America, describing their worlds with photographs and text. Bread and Roses will hire staff to implement a plan to expand the program so that it serves both urban and rural communities. $65,000

California College of Arts and Crafts

Center for Arts and Public Life

Oakland, CA

California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) is seeking support for its Center for Art and Public Life, an institute that addresses new models of practice in art and design as applied to community development and service learning. CCAC will use NCF support to place Community Student Fellows and Faculty with partner institutions to develop programs using and refining protocols and procedures developed by the Center for Art and Public Life. $50,000

Columbia College Chicago

Building a Field: the Arts in Youth and Community Development

Chicago, IL

The Office of Community Arts Partnerships (OCAP) of Columbia College Chicago is requesting funding for two related initiatives: the development of a Masters Degree and Certificate programs in the Arts in Youth and Community Development; and for the continuation of the Urban Missions program as a research laboratory for the development of equitable partnership building between institutions of higher education and community-based organizations. OCAP will use NCF support to provide art students with training in arts and community building skills and opportunities to utilize those skills in community residencies. $100,000
Cultural Initiatives-Silicon Valley
(San Jose, CA)
To engage in community research that will lead to the implementation of a community arts initiative. $50,000
Echo Foundation
(Charlotte, NC)
To support Voices Against Indifference, the Wole Soyinka Project: Truth, Memory and Reconciliation. $50,000

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in California

Ella Baker Center Youth Arts and Culture Program

San Francisco, CA

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) seeks support to develop its cutting edge Youth Arts and Culture Program (YACP), which promotes and disseminates artistic and cultural productions that have a national impact on the criminal justice system reform movement. With the support of NCF, EBC will upgrade and disseminate its cultural products to a national audience and continue to recruit youth activists for human rights who use music, spoken word, video and the Internet to convey their messages.

$75,000 Total

[$50,000 Arts and Culture, $25,000 Interprogram]

Foundation of California State University Monterey Bay
(Seaside, CA)
To develop a project called "Acts of Reclamation: Artists and Communities in Partnership." $100,000

Intermedia Arts of Minnesota, Inc.

Institute for Community Cultural Development

Minneapolis, MN

Intermedia Arts is seeking support for the Institute for Community Cultural Development, an innovative training program. A major component of this work will involve the development of a replicable training curriculum that will provide students with the necessary skills to identify and measure the cultural assets of communities; develop participatory artistic and cultural practices that involve civic participation; build partnerships and linkages across organization types and across cultural groups; and develop cultural and civic leadership within the engaged communities. Intermedia will plan a national leadership retreat that will include cultural leaders in other communities who are engaged in this work. $50,000

Kings Majestic Corporation
(651 ARTS)

Inclusive Relationships: Developing Community Together

Brooklyn, NY

651 ARTS is seeking support for research, planning and implementation of Inclusive Relationships: Developing Community Together. 651 ARTS will engage in a research and planning process that will yield an Institutional Guide for Participating in Community Development. This publication will draw upon existing best practices utilized in the creation of cultural districts in San Francisco, Tucson and Pittsburgh as well as several other communities; and will document the needs of the cultural, business, education and religious communities who are committed to a thriving cultural life in Downtown Brooklyn. $50,000
Los Angeles Poverty Department
(Los Angeles, CA)
To support Agents And Assets, a community-based theater residency project that addresses social justice issues. $45,000

The Working Theatre Company, Inc.

Abundance: A Community Arts Project

New York, NY

The Working Theatre Company (WTC) is seeking funding for Abundance, a social justice project that uses theater to facilitate a conversation about money and the economy between people of extreme wealth and the poorest members of our society. The specific request to NCF is for support for art-making and dialogue workshops with participants ranging from minimum-wage workers to millionaires; the production of the play itself; post performance activities; an extensive outreach effort and ticket subsidies for working people.

$50,000 Total

[$35,000 Arts and Culture,
$15,000 Interprogram]

Strategy 2: Museum Initiative
To identify and support museums that have re-envisioned their institutions' relationships with underserved constituencies.

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Re-envisioning the Role of Museums in Communities

Bronx, NY

The Bronx Museum of the Arts (BMA) is seeking support to re-envision its audience by building on lessons learned from the planning of its Children's Arts Center and its Collaborative Arts Program, an artists' residency initiative. Their goal is to attract and actively involve adolescents, young adults and their families in all aspects of the Museum's work. The Bronx Museum will use NCF funds to increase community participation in museum programming through their artist's residency. It will pre-test curriculum and hands-on learning activities for the planned Children's Arts Center and expand upon its relationship with the New Visions School. $100,000

Chicago Historical Society


Chicago, IL

The Chicago Historical Society (CHS) seeks to institutionalize an approach to its work that is predicated upon the expansion and active involvement of its audiences. The Teen Chicago initiative will involve teens in the documentation and interpretation of the diverse experiences of 20th century Chicago teens through their own expressions. CHS will use NCF support to develop a teen council that will work with museum staff on the content, marketing strategies, public programming and over-all interpretation of this exhibition on teens in Chicago in the 20th Century. $100,000

Creators Federation

General Support

New York, NY/National

The Creators Federation is seeking support to increase the economic security of creators by strengthening a creator's ability to negotiate for fair remuneration and benefits; promoting public policy objectives that protect and defend creators; educating individual creators so they can function more effectively in the commercial and non-profit marketplace; and establishing specific options for increased access to health care. The primary activity of the Creator's Federation this year will be the development of coordinated campaigns among constituent organizations.

$75,000 Total

[$50,000, Arts and Culture, $25,000 Interprogram]

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Artist-in-Residence Program

Chicago, IL

The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum (MFAMC) seeks to build on the successes of its youth museum, youth-run radio station and education programs to reach a multi-generational audience in a more in depth manner, by creating a community-based artists residency program. The museum will use NCF support to develop a participatory process for selecting artists, methods for attracting and involving multigenerational groups of community members who will be active participants in the museum's work over time, and an evaluation process that includes feedback from artists and community members. $100,000

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum's Community Initiative

Philadelphia, PA

The Please Touch Museum (PTM) is seeking support for a Community Initiative that will support the implementation of two outreach strategies: the Latino Project which will increase and enhance PTM's services to its Latino community; and the Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) which will mobilize parents to become knowledgeable advocates on behalf of their children. PTM will use NCF support to create traveling exhibitions in trunks that can go to a variety of venues, develop parent-child programs for Spanish-speaking families and to develop processes for working with non-English speaking constituents. $100,000
Strategy 3: Communications / Practices
To develop and support a communications strategy that includes the publication and dissemination of research that substantiates the importance of the arts in influencing social change; and the dissemination of information about collaborative projects that leads to effective public education as well as social and political action.

Art in the Public Interest

Community Arts Network

Saxapahaw, NC

Art in the Public Interest (API) is seeking support for the Community Arts Network (CAN), a project of API and Virginia Tech that promotes information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts. With support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, API will document programs and convenings and broadly disseminate information about community arts programs and practices over the internet. $100,000

Bay Area Video Coalition

General Support/Art and Social Justice Project

San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is a media organization that supports the work of local and regional arts and community organizations committed to social and economic justice. It is also a resource and repository of the most current media technology, which makes it available to those who can least afford it. 50% or our support would go toward general support and 50% would support specific projects addressing issues of art and social change. $100,000

Black Filmmakers Foundation


New York, NY

The Black Filmmaker Foundation (BFF) is requesting funding from NCF to continue building the dvRepublic, a multi-ethnic online community which recruits socially concerned filmmakers to create original programming around issues of human rights and racial justice; and hosts public discussions and political critiques of media programming. NCF support would enable BFF to upgrade the design and functionality of the dvRepublic online community, put into place management systems that will stabilize its organization and commission new works. $100,000

Center for Arts and Culture

Calling the Question: Your Seat at the Policy Table

National/Washington, DC

The Center for Arts and Culture (The Center) is seeking to build upon an earlier project that was initiated with seed funding from NCF in 1999. Having identified key issues facing the cultural policy community, the Center is now interested in hearing from artists, arts administrators and persons from related and supportive fields about the actual implications of these policies. The Center will expand the scope of Calling the Question: Your Seat at the Policy Table, a series of town meetings as well as substantially expanding the number of organizations and individuals who will have a working knowledge of the issues and potential outcomes of implementing arts policy. $75,000

Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation

Midwest Arts Partnership

Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin

The Midwest Arts Partnership (MAP), a consortia of arts service organizations serving Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, is seeking support for the exchange of information, the development of collective strategies and for strengthening the arts infrastructure in community-based arts institutions in the three states. MAP will develop web sites and web site links, hard copy and on-line directories and they will convene artists and arts administrators who will share strategies and practices of successful community-based projects. $40,000
Independent Press Association
(San Francisco, CA)

To support programs to expand publication and distribution of the ethnic press and periodicals that focus on environmental and other social justice issues.

$250,000 Total

[$100,000 Environment, $85,000 Interprogram, $25,000 Arts and Culture, $25,000 Health, $15,000 Jewish Life]

Jobs With Justice Education Fund
(Washington, DC)

To strengthen the capacity of local JwJ coalitions to improve access to quality health care.

$300,000 Total

[$150,000 Health,
$50,000 Arts and Culture,
$50,000 Jewish Life,
$50,000 Interprogram]

National Coalition Against Censorship

The File Room

New York, NY

The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) is seeking support so that it can update the content and programming as well as publicize The File Room, an interactive web archive of censorship cases that catalogues censorship incidents internationally by medium, date, location and subject.

$40,000 Total

[$30,000 Arts and Culture, $10,000 Interprogram]

Scribe Video Center

Community Visions and the Documentary History Project for Youth

Philadelphia, PA

Scribe Video Center is seeking funding for Community Visions, a production collaboration between video makers and members of urban, suburban and rural neighborhood organizations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who address and document emerging social issues; and The Documentary History Project for Youth which gives young people training in documentary video making and insights into the histories of their communities. $43,500
Strategy 4: Convenings
To convene artists and arts administrators to foster information exchange, coalition-building, the development of collective strategies as well as to provide direct support.
Appalshop, Inc.
(Whitesberg, KY)
To support the American Festival Project for annual convenings as well as residencies for artists doing community-based work. $100,000
OBJECTIVE 2: Public Policy and Corporate Accountability
To defend against adverse public, private and corporate policies, arts censorship, and other legal and social challenges that impact the well being of the nonprofit cultural community.
Strategy 1: Policy Research
To identify, support and document key projects that involve cultural institutions working collaboratively with multigenerational, multiethnic, multidisciplinary and/or broad geographic communities in response to economic and social justice issue articulated by those communities.
William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice, Inc.
(New York, NY)

To protect the rights of legal services clients, museums universities, medical clinics, foundations, and other institutions that rely on government grants to finance essential work, yet refuse to forfeit their First Amendment rights.

$100,000 Total

[$60,000 Interprogram,
$25,000 Health,
$15,000 Arts and Culture]

Strategy 2: Corporate Accountability
To identify interventions and practices that will help enable non-profit arts organizations to enter into relationships with corporations that are equitable and mutually rewarding and that affirm the values and mission of the arts organization.
Earth Island Institute
(San Francisco, CA)
For the Sacred Land Film Project's implementation of a comprehensive education and distribution plan for its film about preserving land sacred to native peoples. $100,000
Strategy 3:Communications / Policy
To support communications strategies, including convenings, research, the development of web-pages as well as hard copy publications that foster access, encourage the exchange of ideas and educate the field about the state of the arts and the implications of policy decisions for the arts community.
Public Knowledge
(Washington, DC)
To support, "Empowering Creators in the Digital Age," an initiative that seeks to make copyright and technology serve artists and the public more effectively through convenings, needs assessments, education and informed policy debates. $100,000
Membership and Dues
Grantmakers in the Arts
(Seattle, WA)
For membership and general support of a membership organization that supports arts grantmaking programs of private, family, community and corporate foundations, corporate giving programs and nonprofit organizations. $7,500