April 2002

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


April 2002

Public Knowledge
Washington, DC


Empowering Creators in the Digital Age

Free and open exchange of information is absolutely essential to artistic creativity and academic research. It is a key driver of technological innovation and a central principle of our democratic culture. Public Knowledge is a new organization that addresses the impact of new technologies and intellectual property policies on creativity, culture, innovation and free speech. The organization will use original research, collaboration with existing experts and practitioners, public education, advocacy and constructive dialogue with industry and policy makers to accomplish its goals. Empowering Creators in the Digital Age, a project of Public Knowledge, seeks to make copyright and technology serve artists and the public more effectively through convenings, needs assessments, education and informed policy debates. This initiative will reassert the basic but often forgotten fact: that copyright protections are intended by the Constitution to benefit the public and creators, authors, freelance, journalists, musicians, actors, screenwriters, songwriters, photographers, illustrators and fine artists.