June 1999

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


June 1999

World Studio Foundation
New York, NY

Help Kids Create

The World Studio Foundation's core philosophy is that art and design can be profound forces for social change. Its agenda has been to explore ways that creative professionals can incorporate issues of good citizenship with their everyday work. The Foundation believes that artists, architects and designers are the primary shapers of our material and visual world. This position requires that they take a proactive stance on such issues as environmental responsibility and sustainability, humane and progressive workplaces; and the formation of an expansive, inclusive and diverse community. Founded in 1993, the World Studio Foundation's goals include encouraging discussion of the field's ethical assumptions; promoting professional practices sensitive to ecological and humane issues; and expanding the global consciousness of individual artists, architects, designers and the businesses they serve.

Their mentoring programs seek to harness the power of working professional who share problem-solving strategies, creative expression, as well as real-life tolls and skills with at-risk youth. WSF is dedicated to identifying gifted young artists and designers from diverse communities who will be informed so that they care about and take responsibility for the world that they will help create.