June 2003

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


June 2003


Total Award: $50,000

Berkeley, CA
Continental Divide

To support Berkeley Repertory Theatre's (BRT) production of David Edgar's new epic two-play cycle, Continental Divide a work that will explore the ethics, ambitions, political legacies and ideals surrounding a gubernatorial race in present-day America through two interwoven plays: one from the vantage point of the Republican Party and the other from the Democratic Party. The plays are based on interviews with politicians, lobbyists and community activists. BRT will present the play over the course of ten weeks to more than 25,000 persons, present discussions with performers which will be moderated by community leaders and/or faculty from local universities; work with the League of Women Voters, the Hoover Institution, Common Cause and other organizations to attract audiences and provide discounts and free workshops for adolescent audiences.