Grants: Year 2012

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 2012

Collaborative Initiatives For Social And Economic Justice Guidelines

The Nathan Cummings Foundation seeks to promote collaboration and integrated innovative approaches among its programs (Arts and Culture, Contemplative Practice, Ecological Innovation, Health, and Jewish Life and Values).   It does so by supporting initiatives that foster socially just and sustainable communities through institutional accountability and alliance building. Grantmaking funds are specifically dedicated for initiatives that meet an objective of at least one of these programs and that also:

  1. Foster collaboration between the Foundation's program areas; and/or
  2. Promote institutional accountability through public policies or other approaches that ensure corporations, government and other institutions take responsibility for the real risks and costs of their activities, becoming agents for positive social change; and/or
  3. Build crosscutting alliances that support systemic or institutional solutions while creating the social basis needed for their implementation.

Applicants for Collaborative Initiative funds should send Letters of Inquiry to the relevant program area(s) or to the Office of the President.

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