Grants: Year 1990

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1990

Energy Efficiency / Transportation

1000 Friends of Oregon
Portland, Oregon
To create a national information clearinghouse on the connections between transportation and land use planning. $50,000 $50,000  
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Washington, DC
To analyze federal and state strategies to reduce energy consumed by cars and light trucks. 25,000 25,000  
Conservation Law Foundation
Boston, Massachusetts
For several projects to reduce automobile usage and improve mass transit. 75,000 75,000  
Environmental Action Foundation
Washington, DC
To hire a transportation specialist to work with the Energy Conservation Coalition. 30,000 30,000  
International Institute for Energy Conservation
Washington, DC
To promote energy efficiency in developing countries through work with international lenders and field officers. 35,000 35,000  
Labor/Community Strategy Center
Los Angeles, California
To mobilize low income communities on behalf of air quality. 25,000 25,000  
National Center for Policy Alternatives
Washington, DC
For the Surface Transportation Policy Project. 40,000 40,000  
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington, DC
To inform state and local policymakers about energy efficiency. 75,000   75,000
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, New York
For its Energy and Transportation Project, divided between Washington and Los Angeles. 100,000   100,000
Resources Development Foundation
New York, New York
For the Jamaican Energy Efficiency Project. 25,000 25,000  
Safe Energy Communications Council
Washington, DC
To provide communications assistance to grassroots groups working on energy efficiency. 20,000 20,000  
Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, Massachusetts
For the Climate Change and Energy Policy Program. 40,000 40,000  
World Resources Institute
Washington, DC
To analyze the role motor vehicles play in greenhouse gas buildup and to raise public awareness about transportation and the environment. 40,000 40,000  


Natural Resources

Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Eugene, Oregon
Startup costs for a federation of professional foresters working for a responsible national timber policy. $20,000 $20,000  
Center for Rural Affairs
Walthill, Nebraska
To create sustainable farming opportunities for new farmers. 35,000 35,000  
Coast Alliance
Washington, DC
For technical assistance to grassroots groups working to protect America's coastlines. 20,000 20,000  
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
New York, New York
For an educational network among grantmakers. 5,000 5,000  
Council on Economic Priorities
New York, New York
To create a computerized database on the environmental performance of major US corporations. 40,000 40,000  
Environmental Foundation Limited
Colombo, Sri Lanka
To monitor a large forest development project in Sri Lanka. 13,000 13,000  
Institute for Resource Management
Salt Lake City, Utah
For a joint US/USSR project on global warming and northern forests. 25,000 25,000  
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
New York, New York
To encourage corporate responsibility on environmental practice. 20,000 20,000  
Land Institute
Salina, Kansas
To research alternatives to conventional agriculture on the Great Plains. 30,000 30,000  
Land Stewardship Project
St. Croix, Minnesota
To help farm families adopt more sustainable agricultural practices. 30,000 30,000  
Northern Rockies Action Group
Helena, Montana
For the 1990 State Environmental Leadership Conference. 10,000 10,000  
Ocean Arks, Inc.
Falmouth, Massachusetts
To introduce sundriven methods of treating wastewater. 30,000 30,000  
Pine Cabin Run Ecological Laboratory
High View, West Virginia
To mobilize local resources to preserve the Capacon River ecosystem. 5,000   5,000
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
San Francisco, California
To protect America's ancient forests and promote cooperative work with British Columbia. 40,000 40,000  
South Bronx 2000 Local Development Corp.
Bronx, New York
To secure guaranteed markets for recycled materials produced in low income communities. 35,000 35,000  
Tides Foundation
Palo Alto, California
For the Greenseal project. 60,000   60,000
Wilderness Society
Washington, DC
To organize volunteers to monitor national forests. 35,000 35,000  


Sustainable Futures

Washington, DC
Stipends to support four Mexican environmentalists. $102,000 $102,000  
Association ANAI
Limon, Costa Rica
To build a headquarters for Costa Rican scientists and farmers promoting ecological tree cropping. 45,000 45,000  
Cathedral of St. John the Divine
New York, New York
To mobilize US religious leaders and their communities to advocate environmental values. 135,000 135,000  
Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
Cambridge, Massachusetts
For a conference to formulate strategies for changing the environmental behavior of individuals and institutions. 10,000 10,000  
Bolinas, California
For the Sustainable Futures Project. 60,000 60,000  
CUNY Law School
Flushing, New York
To support student work on the environment. 17,000   17,000
National Conference of Black Lawyers
New York, NY
For a conference on environmental racism. 10,000 10,000  
Ojai Foundation
Ojai, California
For a meditation retreat for environmental activists. 30,000 30,000  
Partnership for Democracy
Washington, DC
To provide technical assistance to the Student Environmental Action Coalition. 35,000   35,000
  TOTAL 1990 GRANTS $1,477,000 $1,083,000  $394,000