Grants: Year 1992

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1992

Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Eugene, OR
To support employees working to develop a more ecologically sensitive U.S. Forest Service. $20,000 $20,000  
Center for Resource Economics
Washington, DC
To pursue sustainable agriculture through public policy reform. 50,000 50,000  
Center for Rural Affairs
Walthill, NE
To support two programs: one for beginning farmers learning techniques of sustainable agriculture, the other for national work to reform public farm policy 50,000 50,000  
Community Farm Alliance
Berea, KY
To help establish a regional coalition of farmers and grassroots rural organizations working to promote sustainable agriculture throughout the South. 60,000 30,000 30,000
Institute for Alternative Agriculture
Greenbelt, MD
To support the "Alternative Agriculture Resources Report" and other programs to involve agriculture professionals in questions of sustainable farming. 40,000 40,000  
Land Institute
Salina, KS
For continued research into varieties of nontill agriculture. 30,000 30,000  
The Land Stewardship Project
Marine-on-St. Croix, MN
To support two programs: one for a Minnesota farmers education network, the other for support of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coordinating Council. 51,000 51,000  
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, NY
To support the Environmental Foundation of Sri Lanka in its work to monitor forest-cutting 20,000 20,000  
Public Voice for Food and Health Policy
Washington, DC
To support a campaign to educate consumers on agricultural issues. 100,000 50,000 50,000
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund*
San Francisco, CA
To safeguard the old-growth woodlands of the Pacific Northwest through a variety of legal and educational strategies. To work with colleagues in British Columbia to help them realize their own goals of protecting the ancient forests of Canada. 80,000 40,000  


Minority Communities

Arlington, VA
To recruit and support four Mexican citizens in their work in Mexico on behalf of the environment. $103,000 $34,000  
C.E.I.P. Fund Boston, MA To place minority college and graduate students in nonprofit and environmental organizations. 40,000 40,000  
Earth Island Institute
San Francisco, CA


For further development of the Urban Habitat project to involve innercity residents in environmental issues and energy policy. 40,000 40,000  
Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Epes, AL
To support cooperative and credit union development to aid black and low income farmers to retain landholdings in the Southeast. 30,000 30,000  
Indian Law Resource Center
Helena, MT
For legal assistance to Native American tribes and communities working on environmental issues. 30,000 30,000  
Labor/Community Strategy Center
Los Angeles, CA
For the watchdog Project to educate and involve low income neighborhoods on air pollution and remedial strategies. 35,000 35,000  
South Bronx 2000 Local Development Corporation*
Bronx, NY
To secure guaranteed markets for recycled materials produced in low income communities. 80,000 40,000  
Southwest Community Resources
Albuquerque, NM
For continued development of a network of environmental activists concerned about environmental and economic justice. 30,000 30,000  


Sustainable Societies

Cathedral of St. John the Divine**
New York, NY
A three-year grant for the continued organization and administration of the 'National Religious Partnership for the Environment', an effort to educate and involve communities of faith in the work of environmental protection. $150,000   $150,000
Commonweal Bolinas, CA To research, write, and distribute a book entitled "In Search of Sustainable America: The Good News About Sustainable Development." 20,000 20,000  
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
New York, NY
For the maintenance of an educational network among grantmakers interested in issues related to ecology and biological diversity. 10,000 10,000  
Council on Economic Priorities
New York, NY
To compile and distribute reports on the environment records of large U.S. corporations. 40,000 40,000  
Green Seal Washington, DC


To support a program to identify, test, and certify consumer products that meet rigorous environmental standards. 20,000 20,000  
Human Rights/Environmental Clearinghouse
Washington, DC
To establish an office to promote communication and cooperation between human rights advocates and environmental activists. (authorized up to $100,000) 50,000 50,000  
Texas Center for Policy Studies
Austin, TX
Renewed support for the Bi-National Project on the Environment to convene environmentalists from both sides of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo and to provide technical and organizational assistance to emerging conservation groups in northern Mexico. 45,000 45,000  
Tides Foundation
San Francisco, CA
To provide seed money for a new coalition called The Movement for Environmental Justice and a Sustainable Economy (aka "The Green Wave"). 35,000 35,000  



1000 Friends of Oregon**
Portland, OR
For development and dissemination of a computer model to help planners and local governments predict the environmental and social consequences of a variety of transportation and land use decisions. $50,000 $25,000  
Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Chicago, IL
To help establish a five organization partnership to advocate air quality and mass transit in Northeastern Illinois. 100,000 100,000  
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago, IL


To support leadership development, research, citizen action, and a demonstration program for achieving a sustainable transportation future for Chicago and the Midwest. 40,000 40,000  
Conservation Law Foundation
Boston, MA
To promote energy-efficient transportation throughout New England. 150,000 150,000  
Environmental Defense Fund
New York, NY
To support legal strategies to require state and local transportation plans to conform to the provisions of the Clean Air Act. 200,000 100,000  100,000
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York, NY
A two-year grant to support transportation policy reform on a national level and particular implementation strategies in Southern California. 200,000 200,000  
Rails To Trails Conservancy
Washington, DC
To support participation in the work of the Transportation Research Board. 20,000 20,000  
Rails To Trails Conservancy
Washington, DC
Renewed support for the Surface Transportation Policy Project, a coalition of environmentalists, planners, and transportation specialists working to reform transportation policies and practices. 70,000 70,000  
Rocky Mountain Institute
Snowmass, CO
To develop a new conceptual framework for thinking about least cost transportation for passengers and freight; assess new light vehicles and potential for biofuels; analyze market incentives; and educate policy makers. 150,000 75,000  
Union of Concerned Scientists
Cambridge, MA
To write and publish materials on transportation, energy efficiency, and the environment; to develop a program to evaluate alternative fuels; to conduct a broad public education campaign in California; and to enlist and train new scientist-educators 90,000 45,000  
World Resources Institute
Washington, DC
To support a variety of research and information programs on the economic and ecological suitability of various alternatives to current modes of American transport. 80,000 40,000  


TOTAL   $2,409,000 $1,745,000 $330,000


*Award authorized in 1991.
^Award authorized in 1990.
**$150,000 from Environment Program and $150,000 from Interprogram category.