2004: Objective II / Strategy 2

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2004: Objective II / Strategy 2

OBJECTIVE II: To facilitate environmental justice by ensuring that communities, especially those vulnerable due to low- to moderate- socioeconomic statues, race, or ethnicity, are protected from environmental degradation.

Strategy 2: To increase public access to information and decision-making about environmental policies.

List of Grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Building Diagnostics Research Institute, Inc./Jobs and Environment Initiative

California Partnership for Working Families/General Support 

Center for Investigative Reporting, Inc./General Support 

Collective Heritage Institute/General Support

Common Assets Defense Fund/Apollo Project 

Commonweal/Collaborative on Health and the Environment

Consultative Group on Biological Diversity/General Support

Earth Day Network, Inc./Campaign for Communities: Leadership Development

Educational Broadcasting Corporation/NOW with Bill Moyers

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in California/Green Jobs, Not Jails

Environmental Health Coalition/General Support

Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc./Taking on Corporate Agriculture

Health Care Without Harm/General Support 

Independent Media Institute/SPIN Project and AlterNet.org

Institute for America’s Future, Inc./New York Apollo Project

Jewish Council for Public Affairs/Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Liberty Hill Foundation/Environmental Justice Technical Assistance Program

National Women’s Law Center/Tax Policy Analysis and Communications Project

Organization for Competitive Markets/Countervailing Power Project

Redefining Progress/General Support

Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc/Environmental Grantmakers Association

Tides Center/Organizers’ Forum

Tides Center/People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER)

William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice, Inc./Economic Justice Project