Grants: Year 1992

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1992


Association for Children for Enforcement of Support
Toledo, OH
To strengthen government regulations requiring noncustodial parents with health insurance to provide coverage for their children. $31,700 $31,700  
Catholics for a Free Choice
Washington, DC
To increase the participation of national Hispanic organizations in the reproductive health debate. 45,000 45,000  
Center for Policy Alternatives
Washington, DC
To support the Collaborative Project on State Reproductive Health. 37,500 37,500  
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Washington, DC
To increase participation in the federallyfunded Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children. 250,000 175,000 75,000
Children's Defense Fund*
Washington, DC


A two-year grant to improve state implementation of the federal early prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment program for lowincome children. 100,000 50,000  
Children's Defense Fund
Washington, DC
To educate the public about children's stake in national health care reform. 50,000 50,000  
Communications Consortium Media Center
Washington, DC
To increase the media visibility of women of color in the reproductive health debate. 50,000 50,000  
Families USA Foundation
Washington, DC
To document the extent to which U.S. citizens travel to Mexico for lower cost health care services. 30,000 30,000  
Food Research and Action Center
Washington, DC
To increase participation in the federally funded School Breakfast and Summer Food Service Programs. 75,000 75,000  
George Washington University
Washington, DC
To educate the public about children's stake in national health care reform. 25,000 25,000  
Grantmakers In Health
Washington, DC
General operahng support. 3,000 3,000  
Legal Action Center of the City of New York*
New York, NY
A two-year grant to provide drug treatment centers with the information and training they need to offer effective services to women. 50,000 50,000  
Mental Health Law Project*
Washington, DC
A two-year grant to increase enrollment of eligible lowincome children in the federal Social Security Income program. 100,000 50,000  
National Association of Community Health Centers**
Washington, DC
A three-year grant to recruit and retain doctors and health care professionals. 300,000 100,000  
National Association of State-Based Child Advocacy Organizations
Washington, DC
To educate the public about children's stake in national health care reform. 75,000 75,000  
National Black Women's Health Project
Atlanta, GA
To support the walking for Wellness Program. 175,000 100,000 75,000
National Council of Negro Women Washington, DC To increase the capacity of national AfricanAmerican women's organizations to engage in public education, outreach, and service activities to improve the reproductive health of African American women. 45,000 45,000  
National Network of Runaway and Youth Services
Washington, DC
To design a training program on best practices which highlights model programs for youth service agencies. 66,688 66,688  
Porcupine Clinic Health Board Porcupine, SD General operahng support. 50,000 50,000  
Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research
Washington, DC
General operating support. 50,000 50,000  
The Tides Foundation
San Francisco, CA
To enable the leaders of five women of color organizations which work on women's health to identify and resolve common organizational development issues. 34,200 34,200  
University of Massachusetts
Worcester, MA
To establish a stress reduction clinic in a lowincome community and to evaluate the program's impact on health. 67,000 67,000  


Mind / Body

Harvard Community Health Plan Foundation
Brookline, MA
To evaluate the efficacy of mind/body techniques as a treatment for functional bowl disease and to design and deliver a mind/body curriculum for physicians. $150,000 $150,000  
Harvard University
Boston, MA
To clarify the ways social processes in both natural and clinical settings transform mind/body relations to produce healing. 119,900 49,500 70,400
National Academy of Sciences*
Washington, DC
To support an 18-month study by the Institute of Medicine on mind, body. medicine. 100,000 100,000  
Policy Resource Center*
Washington, DC
A three-year grant to establish the Center for the Advancement of Health. 400,000 150,000 150,000
University of Louisville School of Medicine**
Louisville, KY
To develop medical school curricula on mind/body techniques and to encourage professional careers in mind/body medicine. 210,000 60,000 60,000
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
To evaluate whether communitybased health professionals can be trained to deliver supportive group therapy, as well as the impact of supportive group therapy on disease recurrence in women with primary breast cancer. 175,200 78,500 96,700
Wellness Community - National
Santa Monica, CA
To enable the Wellness Community National to obtain organizational development assistance. 28,700 28,700  



American Lung Association
New York, NY
To replicate a successful stop smoking program for AfricanAmerican adults in 15 localities. $49,120 $49,120  
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
For renovation and expansion of the new building of the Cancer Research Institute. 100,000 100,000  
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
New York, NY
To provide leadership development training and technical assistance to members of the Breast Cancer Coalition. 50,000 50,000  
Policy Resource Center
Washington, DC
To design a cancer initiative to increase support for research on cancer prevention and cancer treatment from the perspective of the patient. 100,000 100,000  
Regents of the University of California
Los Angeles, CA
To conduct a followup study on 55 cancer patients who participated in a 1985 study on the impact of a structured psychiatric intervention on immune function. 47,675 47,675  
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
To write a book tentatively titled "Nutrition and Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer." 26,967 26,967  
University of Arizona Foundation
Tucson, AZ
For the Herbert K. Cummings Endowment for Basic Research in Cancer Prevention. 90,000 90,000  
University of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR
To evaluate the impact of visual imagery and psychotherapy on tumor shrinkage in patients with advanced adenoid cystic carcinoma. 47,750 47,750  


TOTAL   $3,405,400 $2,363,300 $527,100


*Award autthorized in 1991.
**Award authorized in 1990.