Grants: Year 1993

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1993


Bolinas, CA
To support the Institute for The Study of Health and Illness' professional development program for physicians and other licensed health professionals working with patients with lifethreatening illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. (3 years) $225,000 $75,000
Living Through Cancer
Albuquerque, NM
To establish Living Through Cancer programs in the African American community in Albuquerque and in the northern pueblos of New Mexico. (2 years) 50,000 25,000
Policy Resource Center
Washington, DC
To support the Center for The Advancement of Health/Cancer Initiative to increase cancerrelated psychosocial research and support services related to the needs of cancer patients and their families. (3 years) 300,000 100,000
The University of Buffalo Foundation
Buffalo, NY
To support a study on the impact of tamoxifen on mood and cognition in women treated for breast cancer. 62,400 62,400
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
To evaluate whether communitybased health professionals can be trained to deliver supportive group therapy as well as the impact of supportive group therapy on disease recurrence in women with primary breast cancer. (1992 award, $175,20016 years; supplemental award in 1993, $90,000/5 years) 90,000 186,700


Mind / Body

Beth Israel Medical Center
New York, NY
To develop the Program for Humanistic Health Care, a major educational initiative to incorporate humanistic and complementary approaches to the delivery of care throughout the medical center. $100,000 $100,000
Duke University
Durham, NC
For a study to test the hypothesis that U.S. regional differences in coronary heart disease mortality are associated with differences in hostility and social support. 41,500 41,500
Harvard University
Boston, MA
To support a study of the Center For The Study Of Culture And Medicine to clarify the ways social processes in both natural and clinical settings transform mind/body relations to produce healing. (1992 award, $1 19,90013 years)   48,200
Leland Stanford Junior University
Palo Alto, CA
To determine the health outcomes and cost effectiveness of stress reduction techniques on individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. (3 years) 415,500 112,500
The North Charles Mental Health Research Training Foundation
Cambridge, MA
For the development and evaluation of a prototype nonpharmacological home treatment kit to be used in the treatment of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. 70,000 70,000
The Policy Resource Center
Washington, DC
To establish a Center for the Advancement of Health. (1991 award, $400,000/3 years)   150,000
University of Louisville Research Foundation
Louisville, KY
To develop new courses in mind/body medicine at the University and to encourage the development of professional careers in clinical services and research related to mind/body medicine. (1990 award, $210,000/3 years)   60,000
The Wellness Community - National
Santa Monica, CA
For a quality assurance program which will monitor program delivery at all Wellness Community facilities. 47,300 47,300



Association for Children for Enforcement of Support
Toledo, OH
To strengthen government regulations requiring noncustodial parents with health insurance to provide coverage for their children. $45,000 $45,000
Catholics for a Free Choice
Washington, DC
For the Latina Initiative, to increase the participation of national Hispanic organizations in the reproductive health debate. 55,000 55,000
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Washington, DC
To increase participation in the federallyfunded Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children. (1992 award, $250,000/ 3 years)   75,000
Families USA Foundation
Washington, DC
To implement a grassroots outreach and public education program on health care reform in the Southeast. 150,000 150,000
Harvard University
Boston, MA
To help the media better address the public's health care concerns and to enable foundations to involve the public more effectively in health care solutions. (3 years) 75,000 25,000
Health Access Foundation
San Francisco, CA
To conduct a public education and media campaign to educate Californians about their stake in health care reform at the national and state levels. 54,000 54,000
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Washington, DC
To determine the costs and savings involved in providing health services of special importance to women through national health care. 60,000 60,000
Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Washington, DC
To promote family-centered care for emotionally disturbed children. (2 years) 75,000 75,000
National Academy of Sciences
Washington, DC
To support an 18month study of the Institute of Medicine on mind/body medicine. (1991 award, grant returned) (100,000) (100,000)
National Association of State-Based Child Advocacy Organizations
Washington, DC
To provide state and communitybased child advocates with the information, training, and technical assistance they need to educate and mobilize public awareness around the special needs of children and pregnant women in health care reform. 75,000 75,000
National Black Women's Health Project
Atlanta, GA
To support the Walking for Wellness Program. (1992 award, $175,000/ 2 years; failed to meet match requirement, grant reawarded in March 1994) (75,000)  
National Community AIDS Partnership
Washington, DC
To provide challenge grants for projects which address the needs of women and girls with HIV/AIDS. (2 years) 55,000 55,000
National Consumers Foundation
Chicago, IL
To educate Illinois residents on the policy issues involved in health care reform. 53,900 53,900
National Council of Negro Women
Washington, DC
To increase the capacity of national African American women's organizations to engage in public education, outreach, and service activities to improve the reproductive health of African American women. 55,000 55,000
Older Women's League
Washington, DC
To define and develop consensus around a comprehensive women's health benefits package. 40,000 40,000
Porcupine Clinic Health Board
Porcupine, SD
For general support of this communityrun clinic on the Pine Ridge Reservation. 50,000 50,000
Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research
Washington, DC
To develop and implement a strategic plan for increasing medical research on how effectively to treat women and women's diseases. 50,000 50,000
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
To conduct a study which will enable adolescents to advise health care providers on how best to deliver and market preventive health services for adolescents (18 months). 57,000 57,000
Women's Prison Association and Hopper Home
New York, NY
For the HIV Law project, to research the activities of National Institutes of Health related to HIV and women in order to develop a strategy to change NIH practice. 55,000 55,000
  TOTALS FOR 1993 $2,231,600 $2,008,500