Grants: Year 1994

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1994


Center for the Advancement of Health
Washington, DC
To increase psychosocial research and support services that meet the needs of cancer patients and their families. (1993 award: $300,000/3 years)   $100,000
Bolinas, CA
To support a professional development program for physicians and other licensed health professionals working with patients with a life-threatening illness such as cancer or AIDS. (1993 award: $225,000/3 years)   75,000
Living Through Cancer
Albuquerque, NM
To establish education and support programs in the African American community in Albuquerque and in the northern pueblos of New Mexico. (1993 award: $50,000/2 years)   25,000
Medical College of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
To provide a multidisciplinary assessment of the impact of breast cancer on the lives of minority and low-income women and to develop appropriate psychosocial treatment and support services. (3 years) 182,600 84,600
National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund
Washington, DC
To provide training on a range of medical and scientific concepts to 150 grassroots leaders so that they can participate with confidence on cancer research boards. (18 months) 128,000 128,000
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
To write a book on "Nutrition and Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer." (1992 award: $26,967; partial return) ($318) ($318)


Mind / Body

Beth Israel Medical Center
New York, NY
For the Program for Humanistic Health Care, a major educational initiative to incorporate humanistic and complementary approaches to the delivery of care throughout the medical center. (3 years) $475,000 $200,000
Harvard University
Boston, MA
To support the planning phase of a survey to determine the kinds of services and support that would improve the quality of life at the end of life. (6 months) 55,000 55,000
Harvard University
Boston, MA
For the Center for the Study of Culture and Medicine, to clarify the ways social processes in both natural and clinical settings transform mind/body relations to produce healing. (1992 award: $119, 900/3 years)   22,000
Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge
San Jose, CA
To support a newsletter that reports on proven patient-centered/mind-body approaches to healing and the findings of new studies expanding the field. (18 months) 45,000 45,000
Leland Stanford Junior University
Palo Alto, CA 
To support a study on the health outcomes and cost effectiveness of stress reduction techniques on individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease. (1993 award: $415,000/3 years)   133,500
  TOTALS FOR 1994 $2,161,500  $1,924,200