Grants: Year 1998

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1998


Beginning of Life

Education Development Center, Inc.

Enhancing Family-Centered Care for Children Living With Life Threatening Conditions
Newton, MA
To improve pediatric palliative care through the development of a modularized Action Kit.

2 years

Institute for Family-Centered Care

Moving Forward With FCC for Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children
Bethesda, MD
To provide information, training, and technical assistance to over 80 hospitals and community healthcare programs.

1 year

Medical College of Georgia Research Institute, Inc.

Moving Forward W/Family-Centered Care for Pregnant Women, Infants &Children
Augusta, GA
To implement family-centered care in MCGH's maternity services.

1 year

End of Life

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Physicians' Emotional Reactions To Patients' Deaths
Boston, MA

To explore how medical socialization shapes the responses of physicians-in-training to death and to dying persons and to develop an intervention to address the problems identified.

2 years

Educational Broadcasting Corporation

Living With Death
New York, NY
To produce a four-part series for public television, "Living with Death" with Bill Moyers.

2 years

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

BEST: Best End-Of-Life Strategies and Practices
Boston, MA
To work with a consortium of managed care organizations to identify, disseminate, and advocate for best practices in end-of-life care.

2 years


Medical College of Wisconsin

Clergy Education Project To Improve End-Of-Life Care
Milwaukee, WI

To provide clergy the information and training necessary to develop and carry forward an action plan for improving care to the dying.

2 years

MultiCare Health System

A Model for Improving Physician Education in End-Of-Life Care
Tacoma, WA
To develop an end-of-life training curricula for family practice physicians and residents

2 years

National Institute for Healthcare Research

Spiritually Sensitive Care At The End of Life
Rockville, MD

To highlight the need for high-quality research on the spiritual aspects of care and the need to translate the findings of existing research into clinical practice.

2 years

New York Academy of Medicine

Community Values in End-Of-Life Care
New York, NY

To identify and analyze the influence of socio-cultural characteristics, including race, ethnicity, and religion on the differing values, attitudes, and preferences concerning end-of-life care of individuals, families, and communities.

1 year

Oregon Health Sciences Foundation

Improving Care of The Dying - Overcoming Barriers & Advancing Gains in End-of-Life Care
Portland, OR

 For improved care of the dying in Oregon and nationwide.

3 years

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Jewish Perspectives on End-Of-Life Decision-Making
Wyncote, PA

To develop interactive educational materials presenting non-Orthodox Jewish perspectives on end-of-life decision-making for proxies and care givers that will incorporate Jewish values and approaches which provide alternatives to traditional Jewish law.

18 months

Regents of the University of Michigan

Palliative Care Program
Ann Arbor, MI
 To create the Palliative Care Program--a unique, community-wide collaboration between the Hospice of Michigan, an academic health center, and three community hospital systems.

3 years

Beginning / End of Life

Center for Law and Social Policy

Devolution, Welfare Reform and Health Care
Washington, DC
To increase the capacity of state-based public interest organizations to protect the health and well-being of indigent children.

1 year

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

State Low-Income Initiative Project
Washington, DC
To increase the capacity of state-based public interest organizations to protect the health and well-being of indigent children, the chronically ill and the elderly.

1 year

Families USA Foundation

Medicaid Community Assistance and Public Education Project
Washington, DC
To provide information and technical assistance to state-based public interest groups concerned about Medicaid managed care and state use of SCHIP.

1 year

Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Advancing Mental Health Programs for Young Low-Income Children
Washington, DC
To assure that, as states restructure their Medicaid programs, the needs of children with mental health problems are addressed.

1 year

Medicare Rights Center, Inc.

Increasing Access To Medicare Home Health & Hospice Benefits for the Terminal Ill
New York, NY
To conduct an educational outreach project to increase access to to and use of home and hospice care among terminally ill patients with Medicare.

2 years

National Health Law Program, Inc.

Policy Analysis & Technical Assistance on Changes in Medicaid/Medicare To Legal Advocates
Los Angeles, CA
To continue its collaborative work with the National Senior Citizens Law Center and with the National Center for Youth Law to increase the capacity of state-based legal advocates to protect the legal rights of low-income Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

1 year

Out of Program

Center for the Advancement of Health

General Support
Washington, DC
To bring mind/body and behavioral approaches to health and healing into the mainstream of orthodox medicine.

1 year

Hastings Center

Possibilities & Limits of Pluralism in Alternative & Conventional Medicine
Garrison, NY

To develop a broad strategy for alternative and conventional medicine to enter into a fruitful dialogue and working relationship.

1 year