2005: Objective I / Strategy 1

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2005: Objective I / Strategy 1

Objective I: To assure access to quality health care, goods and services, especially for those who confront barriers due to low- to moderate-socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Strategy 1: To support efforts that reduce corporate, governmental, and other institutional practices that create barriers to quality health care, goods and services, especially those confronted by people as a result of their low-to moderate-socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or gender.

List of grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Alliance for Justice/Nonprofit Advocacy Project and Foundation Advocacy Initiative

American Institute for Social Justice, Inc./Florida Community-Labor Organizing Project 

American Institute for Social Justice, Inc./Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding

Campaign to Improve the Lives of workers in Low-Wage Jobs

Center for American Progress/Get Ready- Reconstructing the Gulf: Global Warming Preparedness

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities/Combating Threats To Health Insurance Coverage for Low-Income Families

Center on Policy Initiatives/General Support 

Communications Consortium Media Center/Strategic Communications and Advocacy 

Community Catalyst, Inc./Prescription Access Litigation Project

Consumers for Affordable Health Care Foundation/Emergency Support

Consumers for Affordable Healthcare Foundation/Protecting Maine’s Universal Access to Health Coverage Program 

Demos: A Network For Ideas and Action, Ltd./Economic Opportunity Program (PAG)

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in California/Reclaim the Future

Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights/Stem Cell Oversight and Accountability Project

Future of Music Coalition, Inc./Artist Research Council, a Health Insurance Hotline and a Social Justice Convening for Musicians

Government Accountability Project, Inc./Corporate Accountability Campaign

Grantmakers in Health/General Support

Interfaith Education Fund, Inc./Arizona Project

Interfaith Education Fund, Inc./Hurricane Katrina

Jobs with Justice Education Fund/Building a Multi-Constituency Movement for Healthcare For All

Marion Institute, Inc./Natural Capital Institute

Midwest States Center/General Support 

National Women’s Law Center/Health and Reproductive Right Project

National Women’s Law Center/Tax Policy Analysis and Communications Project (PAG)

Neighborhood Funders Group/General Support


Northwest Federation of Community Organizations/Equity Health Initiative

Pacific Institute for Community Organizations/Health Policy Action Project

Pacific Institute for Community Organizations/Louisiana Emergency Request

The President and Directors of Georgetown College/Genetic Information and Health Insurance

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, Inc./Restaurant Worker Occupational Safety & Health Projects

William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice, Inc./Economic Justice Project

Working Partnerships USA/General Support