2005: Objective II / Strategy 2

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


2005: Objective II / Strategy 2

Objective II: To assure that people, especially those that are vulnerable due to low- to moderate-socioeconomic status, race, or ethnicity, can grow-up, live, and work in a healthy environment and have access to products and food that have not been contaminated in ways that could undermine health.

Strategy 2: To support efforts to prevent and to reduce corporate and other institutional practices which have a negative impact on health because they degrade the environment of communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color, or contaminate products and food in ways that could be injurious to health.

List of grants that fall under this Objective/Strategy:

Center for American Progress/The Message Project

Center on Policy Initiatives/General Support 

Commonweal/Collaborative on Health and the Environment 

Communications Consortium Media Center/Strategic Communications and Advocacy

Educational Broadcasting Corporation/NOW on PBS 

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in California/Reclaim the Future 

Environmental Health Coalition/General Support 

Environmental Working Group/Toxics and Human Health Program

Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights/Stem Cell Oversight and Accountability Project

Government Accountability Project, Inc./Corporate Accountability Campaign

Human Rights Watch/Meatpacking Project

Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Inc./Coming Clean

Labor Institute/Strategic Initiative Forum 

Marion Institute, Inc./Natural Capital Institute

Midwest States Center/General Support 

Northwest Federation of Community Organizations/Equity Health Initiative 

Working Partnerships USA/General Support