April 2002

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


April 2002

USAction Education Fund
Washington, D.C.

Multi-Program Grant - $325,000

Program Contributions:

$225,000 - Health

$100,000 - Interprogram Initiatives for Social


Pharmaceutical Industry Accountability Project

US Action Education Fund (USAEF) sponsors the charitable and educational activities of US Action, a coalition of state-based and national organizations committed to social and economic justice. Through its Pharmaceutical Industry Accountability Project, USAEF will accomplish three objectives. It will provide information, training and technical assistance to public interest coalitions and other organizations concerned about the rising costs of prescription drugs, with special attention to US Action and its thirty-three member organizations. It will increase the capacity of twenty statewide coalitions to successfully engage their members as informed participants in the national and in state-based public debates around how to address the high cost of prescription drugs. In addition, USAEF will encourage college-aged young people, with special emphasis on young people of color and bilingual young people, to consider public interest careers, especially careers as organizers It will do this by recruiting, training, and placing college-aged, summer interns with state-based coalitions conducting pharmaceutical industry accountability campaign.