June 2003

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


June 2003


Denver, CO

Total Award - $125,000

General Support

Program Contribution

$50,000 - Health Program

$50,000 - Interprogram Intiatives for Economic Justice

$25,000 - Environment Program

For general support to facilitate coalition-building in support of policies that protect the health and welfare of working people in Colorado. Front Range Economic Strategy Center (FRESC) will leverage city investment in large-scale, multi-use urban redevelopment to set standards for a healthy environment, safe construction, secure access to affordable health care and family-supporting jobs through the development and negotiation of "community benefit agreements" with the city and developers. Its initial "Campaign For Responsible Development" will focus on an asbestos-ridden, polluted, 50-acre brown-field, which is upstream from many of Denver's poorer neighborhoods. The site was chosen because of the opportunity it presents to build relationships between Denver's environment and labor communities, as well as between labor, community and faith-based organizations. In the long-term, FRESC aims to build the capacity to address statewide social, economic, and environmental justice issues, ranging from health care for all and a liveable wage to renewable energy, suburban sprawl and mass transit.