Grants: Year 1993

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 1993

Relations - Jews / Non-Jews

Americans For Peace Now
New York, NY
To support education and outreach projects designed to build support in the American Jewish community for the Middle East peace process. $45,000 $45,000
Brooklyn Historical Society
Brooklyn, NY
To support Bridging Eastern Parkway, a collaborative community history project and exhibition to increase understanding among African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and Lubavitch Jews in Crown Heights. 45,000 45,000
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
To support a working group on racism and antiSemitism comprised of 15 prominent scholars and social activists from the Jewish and African American communities. (2 years) 70,000 35,000
Jewish Federation - Council of Greater Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
For the New Leaders Project, to train young Jewish leaders to build bridges between Jews and nonJews in Los Angeles. 30,000 15,000
Project Nishma
Washington, DC
To develop support for the Middle East peace process among Jewish organizational leadership. 40,000 40,000
Tides Foundation/ New Middle East Peace Fund
San Francisco, CA
For projects that support the Middle East Peace Process in the areas of education, advocacy, and strengthening civil society. 300,000 300,000


Social Justice

Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Chicago, IL
To expand the Outreach and Education Programs to build working alliances between Jews and other minorities and to educate the Chicago Jewish community about its religious traditions of social justice. $50,000 $50,000
Jewish Fund For Justice
New York, NY
To support the Jewish Involvement Outreach Program in their work to strengthen relations between Jews and nonJews by connecting synagogue groups with local grassroots social change organizations. 45,000 45,000
Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty
New York, NY
To conduct a study on the extent and nature of Jewish poverty in the New York metropolitan area. 45,000 45,000
New Israel Fund/ Shatil: Technical Assistance To Soviet Immigrant Organizations
Washington, DC
To support Shatil's work training Russian immigrant leadership to play an effective role in focusing government attention on the needs of their community. (2 years) 105,000 105,000
New Israel Fund/New Generations Program
Washington, DC
To strengthen and expand the New Generations Outreach Program to involve young people in New Israel Fund activities, develop a new generation of leaders, and inspire a commitment to Israel. 45,000 45,000
New Israel Fund/National Council for The Child
Washington, DC
To support the National Council for the Child in its efforts to make guardian ad litem services a standard feature of legal procedure in Israel. 25,000 25,000
New Israel Fund/Strategic Planning For Arab Municipalities
Washington, DC
To promote equality of opportunity for Arab citizens of Israel by giving local officials in Arab villages and towns the tools to engage in municipal and regional planning. (1992 award, $260,000/3 years)   160,000
New Israel Fund/Trust For Programmes
Washington, DC
To enable an Israeli Arab social service agency to provide nutrition education to combat a malnutrition rate of 30% among children in East Jerusalem. (1992 award, $32,000/2 years)   16,000


Spirituality / Jewish Education

Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Philadelphia, PA
For this consortium of Jewish renewal groups to build links with mainstream Jewish organizations and introduce their programs to Jewish communities, rabbis, Jewish educators, and Jewish lay activists. $40,000 $40,000
American Jewish Congress
Los Angeles, CA
To enable the Los Angeles Jewish Feminist Center to expand its services. (1992 award, $150,000/2 years)   75,000
B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations
Los Angeles, CA
To enable the School for Traditional Jewish Meditation, and Metivta, A Jewish Wisdom School, to introduce traditional Jewish meditation into the spiritual life of American Jewry. (1992 award, $130,000/2 years)   65,000
CLAL: The National Jewish Center For Learning and Leadership
New York, NY
To disseminate CLAL's new curriculum on gender and Judaism to communities outside of New York. 25,000 25,000
Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion
Los Angeles, CA
To support the Experiment in Congregational Education, a program to improve the quality of supplementary religious school. (3 years) 35,000 90,000
Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion
New York, NY
To provide leadership skills training to rabbis and cantors through the development of a spiritual formations program in cooperation with the Central Conference of American Rabbis. 60,000 60,000
Hospital Chaplaincy
New York, NY
For a Pastoral Care and Education Program to support a Jewish chaplaincy at four major medical facilities, to train Jewish chaplaincy supervisors, and to strengthen relations with Jewish seminaries. 35,000 35,000
Jewish Community Centers Association of North America
New York, NY
To enable the Council for Initiatives in Jewish Education to document outstanding models of supplementary Jewish education and introduce them into three communities. (1992 award, $150,000/3 years)   85,000
Jewish Outreach Institute
New York, NY
To expand services for the Jewish needs of the intermarried and to respond to the rapid increase of intermarriage in the American Jewish community (3 years) 195,000 65,000
Jewish Theological Seminary of America
New York, NY
To support Rabbinic Institutes designed to address the educational, professional and spiritual needs of the rabbinate; and to develop a Professional Management Consultation to provide ongoing technical assistance to rabbis. (2 years) 70,000 35,000
Lilith Publications
New York, NY
To support the National Jewish Women's Resource Center, to create and promote a talent bank and information bureau. (2 years) 60,000 30,000
Sudbury, MA
To develop a strategic business plan for the Jewish Retreat Center. (1991 award, $45,000; $11,500 returned) (11,500) (11,500)
Princeton Center for Leadership Training
Lawrenceville, NJ
To support the expansion of Gesher L'Kesher (Bridge to a Connection), a program to train high school students to serve as peer leaders in the examination of Jewish ethical teachings. (2 years) 110,000 65,000
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Wyncote, PA
To develop a curriculum in outreach to enable future rabbis to work more effectively with unaffiliated Jews. (1992 award, $150,000/2 years)   75,000
Shefa Fund/Jewish Healing Center
Philadelphia, PA
To support the Jewish Healing Center in providing a model for bringing Jewish traditions of healing to those who are suffering illness, and to their families and caregivers. (1991 award, $300,000/3 years)   75,000


Jews / Former Soviet Union

Aleph Society
New York, NY
For general support of the Jewish University of Moscow's program of Jewish higher education in which faculty and students represent the full spectrum of Jewish political, cultural, and religious beliefs. $50,000 $50,000
Helsinki Watch
New York, NY
To train human rights monitors in the former Soviet Union. 39,000 39,000
Jewish Community Development Fund
New York, NY
To support a program of small grants in Russia and Ukraine to promote Jewish education and communal life, combat anti-Semitism, and advance civil and human rights. 50,000 50,000
Project Kesher
Evanston, IL
For a conference in Kiev that will bring together women living in the republics of the former Soviet Union with their counterparts in the West and Israel with the aim of building Jewish community and international networks. 30,000 30,000
World Union For Progressive Judaism
New York, NY
To support the first academic year of the Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies which will train Jewish professionals to provide educated leadership for the Reform movement in the FSU. 60,000 60,000
  TOTALS FOR 1993 $1,792,500 $2,008,500