Grants: Year 2009

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 2009


GOAL I: Jewish Life and Values To extend the presence and influence of the values of tolerance, social justice (tzedec) loving kindness (chesed), mutual respect, and ethical behavior within the Jewish world both to enhance Jewish life and to assist in the promotion of a more just society.

OBJECTIVE 1: To promote a leadership and organizational culture within key Jewish institutions that reflects these values.

OBJECTIVE 2:To promote a Jewish spirituality and practice that reflects these values

OBJECTIVE 3:To promote these values by strengthening the capacity of Jews and the Jewish community to engage with major issues of social and economic justice and stewardship of the earth.

OBJECTIVE 4: To promote communication, understanding and partnerships between Jews and peoples of other faith traditions through programs that focus on shared values and common goals.

Goal II: Contemplative Practice
To promote the development and dissemination of contemplative practice programs – from all traditions – which address the foundation's core values: concern for the poor, disadvantaged and underserved; empowerment of communities in need; respect for diversity; and promotion of understanding across cultures.

To cultivate the development and teaching of contemplative practices linked to engagement with areas of concern for the foundation.

To enable the teachers, practitioners and organizations devoted to contemplative practice to make their work available as a resource for non-profit organizations devoted to social, economic, and environmental justice.

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