Grants: Year 2012

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Grants: Year 2012


To promote tzedek/social justice as a core Jewish value, integral to Jewish life and the creation of a more just, vibrant, and sustainable society.

Objective 1. JEWISH SOCIAL JUSTICE: To strengthen the leadership, capacity, and engagement of Jews, Jewish communities, and Jewish institutions to advance social and economic justice as a lived Jewish value.

Objective 2. INTERFAITH: To promote interfaith coalitions that address issues of social and economic justice and amplify a progressive religious voice.

Objective 3. ISRAEL: To advance a more just and vibrant Israel by empowering women as agents of social change; building a cross-sector, values-based environmental movement; * and supporting efforts in the United States to promote the peace process.

Priority will be given to initiatives that:

  • Are national in scope;
  • Have a field-building orientation; and
  • Engage younger generations.