New Guidelines 2002

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


New Guidelines 2002




To extend the presence and influence of the values of tolerance, social justice (tzedec) loving kindness (chesed), mutual respect, and ethical behavior within the Jewish world both to enhance Jewish life and to assist in the promotion of a more just society.

Objective 1: Leadership and Organizational Culture

To promote a leadership and organizational culture within key Jewish institutions that reflects these values.

American Islamic Congress

Children of Abraham Interfaith Outreach Project

New Haven, CT

To support a capacity-building grant for this new Muslim organization dedicated to promoting interfaith dialogue with Jewish, Christian and other religious groups by leading panels at religious institutions; developing a mosque guide for hosting interfaith events; producing website features on interfaith dialogue; and lobbying and guiding American mosques towards more open encounters with non-Muslims. The dialogue will focus on combating hate speech, clarifying misperceptions, finding common ground, and enhancing civil society through interfaith efforts.

$45,000 Total

[$25,000 Jewish Life, $20,000 Interprogram]


Fifty Large

New York, NY

This founding grant will support the infrastructure - particularly the staffing - necessary to create Fifty Large - a collective of philanthropists in their 30's and 40's who will make Jewish funding available to support innovation and change. It seeks to be a philanthropic source supporting a new generation's expressions of Jewish meaning and value, and to do so self-consciously with an ethical philosophy. The collective of Fifty Large will be made up of 12 convening partners, each of whom contributes $50,000. They will be people who have accomplished remarkable things in their own careers in the entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurial realms, at a relatively young age. As leaders in their own fields, they will be individuals who love to challenge assumptions and spearhead change. Fifty Large will seek to unleash creativity and foster experimentation both within the group and in all it supports. $90,000

Jewish Funders Network

Initiative on Ethics in Philanthropy

New York , NY

To further develop the Jewish Funders Network's capacity to provide Jewish philanthropists with opportunities to explore and strengthen their philanthropic activity, and to understand the ethical bases of philanthropy.

2 Years

Tides Center

Joshua Venture

San Francisco, CA

This grant will support recruitment, training, program development and infrastructure for the second cohort of Joshua Fellows - 8 emerging Jewish social entrepreneurs between the ages 21-35. The program provides seed capital, entrepreneurial training, mentorship, technical assistance and Jewish learning in order to strengthen a new generation of ethical leaders who are launching innovative projects and organizations that contribute to a vibrant, just and inclusive Jewish community. This cohort will contain several fellows whose projects relate to social justice and/or environmental protection. They will be chosen for their values and ethical outlook, as well as the appropriateness of their project. The first cohort has already begun to make their opinions and passions heard in a wide variety of Jewish circles. NCF was one of the three funders who created this organization. $125,000

Objective 2: Jewish Spirituality

To promote a Jewish spirituality and practice that reflects these values.

Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi Legacy Project

Philadelphia, PA

To support the gathering, editing, and disseminating of Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi's work so that it is more readily available to Jews in the Jewish Renewal, Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox movements as well as to unaffiliated seekers. Reb Zalman is a leading teacher of the neo-Hassidic theology and practice that is beginning to have an enormous influence on American Judaism. He is aging now and his life task is to disseminate his teachings as widely as possible. $20,000

Congregation Beth Shalom

Makor Or

San Francisco, CA

This grant will support the work of Makor Or, the congregation's contemplative center - to continue its intense work on Jewish spirituality with a core group of congregants and to bring the model to at least three other synagogues and havurot. Over the prior three years the program has attracted new members, has enriched the practice of prayer and study in the congregation, and has clearly demonstrated that a serious meditation program can enhance the life of a mainstream Conservative synagogue. We have urged Rabbi Lew to use this exit grant to encourage the formation of new meditation centers in three locations, and to write and talk extensively about Makor Or and its contribution to the spiritual life of Beth Shalom. $45,000

Elat Chayyim

Accord, NY

To support the integration of meditation into contemporary Jewish life.


Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, Inc.

Makom at the JCC

New York, NY

This grant will support new and continuing contemplative programs at Makom, the Center for Mindfulness in this brand new, highly innovative Jewish Community Center (JCC). The grant will support staff, guest speakers, workshop leaders to conduct Makom's programs: classes, retreats, workshops, daily meditation, public programs that link contemplative practice to Jewish life and Jewish values, and training opportunities for communal and mental health professionals. It is well placed to attract Jewish meditators who would not attend a synagogue program and it is sufficiently mainstream to attract more affiliated Jews who are eager to explore the contemplative traditions of Judaism. It is also a site where contemplative practice can be brought into the world of Jewish communal leadership development, and can be a resource for the Jewish Healing movement. This JCC is a strategic location for a meditation center -- as a leader in the JCC movement it will influence other centers. $120,000
Meorot Institute Ltd.

New York , NY

To support Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, an innovative two-year-old rabbinical school for pluralistic Orthodox rabbis.


Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Philadelphia , PA

To enable the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College to develop the theological and the communal connections between Jewish spirituality and social justice work, and to train and support a cadre of rabbis who can foster social justice activism.


University of Judaism

Synagogue 2000

Los Angeles, CA

This grant moves us from general to project support. The project is Developing Synagogue 2000's Social Justice, Jewish Journey Groups and Spiritual Leadership Training Modules. With this grant synagogue 2000 (S2K) staff will create training and curricular models on synagogue based social synagogue justice programming, as well as a systemic process to integrate social justice into the fabric of synagogue life. S2K will also develop training modules to cultivate spiritual leadership in the people who lead these initiatives. The goal is to create synagogues that are deeply engaged in social justice initiatives that have an impact on the wider community but also touch deeply the life of the individual congregants through the methodology of Jewish journey groups. Strengthening synagogue leadership is a vital component of this project and the training modules on spiritual leadership will be used in a variety of settings, including the Boston Federation's Leadership Development Institute, courses for rabbinic students and S2K clergy retreats.

$150,000 Total

[$85,000 Jewish Life, $65,000 Interprogram]

Objective 3: Social and Economic Justice, Stewardship of the Earth

To promote these values by strengthening the capacity of Jews and the Jewish community to engage with major issues of social and economic justice and stewardship of the earth.

American Jewish World Service

New York , NY

To support the International Jewish College Corps, a seven week experience for college students that weaves together in-depth exploration of international development, study of social justice in a Jewish context and humanitarian service in Central America, Africa and Israel.


Amos: The National Jewish Partnership for Social Justice

General Support

New York, NY

To support AMOS as they close their office on September 30, 2002. This grant will enable the staff to complete work with the current partners, perform necessary functions of dissolution and develop an evaluation report for their Board and Funders in preparation to merge with another organization. $20,000

Center for New Community

Chicago , IL

Presidential Authority Grant

To support a regional working conference--to bring together church, immigrant, labor, farm, civic, legal, academic and community leaders to learn about and address issues, concerns and impacts related to the corporate meatpacking and poultry processing industry in the Midwest and Plains states--resulting in the development of a regional Leadership Network to assist churches, synagogues and communities in a long-term process of developing community-based responses to this industry, and will approve and advance a document incorporating principles of operation for this industry in the region.

$95,000 Total

[$65,000 Interprogram,
$10,000 Environment,
$10,000 Health,
$10,000 Jewish Life]

1 Year

Hillel : The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Washington , DC

To support Tzedek Hillel , an initiative that encourages Jewish college students to engage in social justice activities.


Independent Press Association

San Francisco , CA

To support programs to expand publication and distribution of the ethnic press and periodicals that focus on environmental and other social justice issues.

$250,000 Total

[$100,000 Environment,
$85,000 Interprogram,
$25,000 Arts and Culture,
$25,000 Health,
$15,000 Jewish Life]

The Jewish Coalition for Service

New York , NY

To support a network of service programs with the goal of increasing the Jewish community's participation in quality service initiatives.


Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston

Economic Justice Initiative

Boston, MA

To enable the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC) to deepen it's work on: (1) increasing the involvement in the Boston Tzedec Community Fund, a partnership between JCRC and The Shefa Fund to facilitate Jewish investment in community economic development; (2) increasing Jewish community involvement with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, a broad-based coalition promoting affordable housing; (3) recruiting synagogue members to advocate for the Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Standard, an income level that accurately reflects the financial needs of working families to sustain themselves in Massachusetts.

$50,000 Total

[$25,000 Jewish Life, $25,000 Interprogram]

Jewish Council for Public Affairs

New York , NY

To support the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) in its first year of a four-year period of organizational expansion.

$150,000 Total

[$112,500 Jewish Life,
$25,000 Environment,
$12,500 Interprogram]

Jewish Fund for Justice

Faith Based Community Organizing

New York, NY

To support the Jewish Fund for Justice (JFJ) to expand its Faith Based Community Organizing Initiative which brings synagogues into interfaith coalitions in their communities while strengthening their internal social action committees. Working with at least 9 previously uninvolved synagogues, JFJ staff members will promote awareness of, and facilitate participation in, local faith-based community groups in strategic metropolitan areas through education, training, peer-to-peer advocacy by JFJ's Clergy Talk Force, and targeted grantmaking. The grant also includes $20,000 to transition out of our support for the national Jewish Social Justice Network, which provides resources, skills exchange, networking and collaborative projects, and technical assistance.

$100,000 Total

[$50,000 Jewish Life, $50,000 Interprogram]

Jobs with Justice Education Fund

Washington , DC

To strengthen the capacity of local JwJ coalitions to improve access to quality health care.

$300,000 Total

[$150,000 Health,
$50,000 Arts and Culture,
$50,000 Interprogram,
$50,000 Jewish Life]

Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty

New York , NY

To support the Council to commission, publish and disseminate The 2002 Report on Jewish Poverty in New York City.


The Shefa Fund

Philadelphia , PA

To support the Tzedek Economic Development Campaign that encourages American Jews nationwide to invest in low-income community development.


Objective 4: Interfaith

To promote communication, understanding and partnerships between Jews and peoples of other faith traditions through programs that focus on shared values and common goals.

Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Eleven Days in September: Remembrance, Reflection and Renewal

Philadelphia, PA

Together with the National Council of Churches, Sojourner Magazine, the Maryknoll Center for Global Concerns -- as well as Muslim and African-American clergy members -- the Shalom Center will initiate Eleven Days in September as a framework for reflecting on the role of the United States in the world, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. $25,000

Facing History and Ourselves

Promoting Civil Literacy in a Global World

Brookline, MA

To support Facing History and Ourselves which offers training, follow-up support and resources to middle and high school educators to help reach their students in innovative ways with lessons about tolerance, social justice and civic responsibility. Through new research and development efforts on issues of religious and cultural identity, their goal is to enhance their program staff members' and their teachers' capacities to respond to new global challenges. These efforts include working with scholars and teachers to re-tool existing resources, creating and piloting new classroom resource materials, and disseminating these resources via their website and through programs and follow-up services with teachers. $75,000

Independent Production Fund

New York , NY

Presidential Authority Grant

To support educational outreach for The Islam Project-Muslims, a segment of PBS's Frontline series that will promote an understanding of Islam