Presidential Grants: 2002

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Presidential Grants: 2002


Project Summary


Bread and Roses Cultural Project, Inc.

Earned Income Tax Credit Project/Tax Clinic for Home Care Workers

New York, NY

To support a tax clinic for 1199 SEIU low-wage income home-care worker members to help them prepare amended 2001 tax returns. The tax clinic will ensure that the members receive the benefits of the federal and state earned income and child care tax credits.

$5,000 1 Year

Business Leaders For Sensible Priorities Information Fund, Inc.

True Majority Campaign New York , NY

To support the grassroots activities of its Priorities! Project, True Majority , using on-line "activism" to encourage public debate and citizen mobilization on budget priorities issues. Working in concert with 12 national membership organizations (such as Physicians for Social Responsibility, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, SEIU, the Interfaith Alliance, Sojourners, Women's Action for New Directions, The United Nations Association USA, Rock the Vote, Peace Action, National Head Start Association, and Global Exchange), TrueMajority promotes a set of principles to guide America's public policies at home and abroad that emphasis human needs. Polling indicates that the majority of Americans want the U.S. government to apply these principles to domestic as well as foreign policies. TrueMajority members are recruited via vehicles that will parade through the downtowns of 50 cities this year, booths strategically positioned at music festivals and community events, and e-mails that offer activists the opportunity to "click and change the world."

$10,000 1 Year

Citizens Budget Commission, Inc.

Conference-How Should New York City Close a $5 Billion Budget Gap

New York, NY

To support a day long conference in early December 2002 for approximately 150 of the City's civic leaders, opinion-makers and municipal officials to help shape a viable budget for fiscal year 2003-2004. The purposes of the conference are to inform opinion-makers in the City about the nature of the problem that elected officials will face and to shape a constructive public debate about the merits of the options available for bringing the budget into balance. $10,000 1 Year

Communications Consortium Media Center

Communications Strategy to Raise Awareness of Issues Facing Low-Wage Workers

Washington, DC

To support the development of a strategic communications plan for shaping the national debate and drawing attention to the needs of low-wage workers. $5,000 1 Year

HERE Education and Support Fund

General Support

Washington , DC

To support the HERE Education and Support Fund's efforts in New York City to provide assistance to the families of Windows on The World workers who were killed on September 11th, as well as to the many food service workers who lost their jobs as a result of that tragedy.

$2,000 1 Year

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Protecting Free Speech

Poughkeepsie , NY

To provide professional security protection for Barbara Kingsolver at the Great Hall of Cooper Union on May 2, 2002 , in order to counter censorship by threats of violence.

$1,000 1 Year

Institute for America's Future

Washington, DC

Support to convene a series of discussions among economists and strategists on elements of a short term economic stimulus policy that is linked to a broader growth strategy. These meetings will be both in person and by conference call, and will engage 15-20 individuals. The project will then convene a series of meetings with the heads of major citizen organizations to discuss elements of the plan and devise strategies for public education and dissemination. $8,000 1 Year

Museum of Chinese in the Americas

General Support

New York , NY

To support a community-based museum dedicated to documenting and preserving Chinese-American history and culture.

$2,000 1 Year

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

General Support

Washington, DC

For general support of the activities of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. As a watchdog organization, NCRP conducts research, advocacy, organizing, and education to critique philanthropy in addressing critical public needs and to promote constructive approaches for foundations, corporations, and individual givers to better direct their giving to meet the needs of under-served populations and constituencies. $15,000 1 Year

New World Foundation

Bannerman Fellowship Program

New York, NY

To advance progressive social change by helping to sustain long-time activists of color. The program honors those who have devoted their lives to helping their communities organize for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice by giving them the opportunity to take sabbaticals. $5,000 1 Year

Public Citizen Foundation

Global Trade Watch WTO Book

Washington, DC

To support the final research and writing of a new book on the economic, environmental, health and other impacts of the WTO (World Trade Organization) since its 1995 formation; and for the Spanish language translation of the book. $10,000 1 Year

Publicolor Inc.

Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association-Painted Promenade

New York, NY

To support the Painted Promenade, a collaborative project between Publicolor, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Association (HKNA). Community residents and students from the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood will create colorful wall murals on both sides of 39th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues, giving a visual identity and lasting landmark to the neighborhood. $5,000 1 Year

Riverkeeper , Inc.

General Support

New York , NY

To support efforts to protect and preserve the Hudson River and the New York City drinking water supply.

$2,000 1 Year

Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.

Accounting Reform Initiative

New York, NY

To support work to educate and organize the public, recognized financial experts, consumer organizations, unions, public pension funds, universities, and the mutual fund industry about the importance of reforming the accounting industry. The Initiative will use this outreach and education to create a policy environment in which serious reform measures are possible. $10,000 1 Year

Texas Fund for Energy and Environmental Education

Empowering Democracy

Austin , TX

To support the Empowering Democracy training program.

$5,000 1 Year

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Taking Stock: The Capacity of Progressive U.S. Civic Organizations

Madison, Wisconsin

Support for research, writing, and dissemination of a report on the capacity of U.S. institutions committed to increasing the vitality of democracy in the United States. $5,000 1 Year

Working Partnerships USA

The Next Unionism Book Project

San Jose , CA

To support The Next Unionism, a book which explores the way organized labor has adjusted to economic changes in the past and offers realistic proposals for how it can become more relevant to the economy of the future.

$5,000 1 Year

Yale University

New Global History and the United States of America

New Haven, CT

To support an interdisciplinary attempt to understand the paradox of the United States existing as a global power without a global perspective. The project accomplishes this by making connections between the ongoing efforts of some American historians to integrate the history of the United States with the rest of the world and the New Global History Initiative which studies the phenomenon of globalization in all its aspects. $20,000