American Anti-Slavery Group

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


American Anti-Slavery Group

(Boston, MA)

Grassroots Mobilization to Stop Sudan Genocide

Total Award: $27,000 over 1 year

To support the American Anti-Slavery Group's (AASG) efforts in organizing a grassroots mobilization campaign around the ongoing genocide in Sudan by empowering the Sudanese Diaspora to take leadership in the campaign and educating college students on the issues. Because the international community's current response to the Sudan genocide has been largely rhetorical and ineffective, popular activism is vital to pressuring political and corporate leaders to take strong action to stop the genocidal practices of the Sudanese regime. Drawing on a decade of experience organizing to stop slave raids in Sudan, AASG is educating and rallying a base of college students; reviving a divestment campaign targeting multinational corporations doing business with Sudan's dictatorship; and strengthening the Sudanese Diaspora community in America to take the lead in human rights campaigning. AASG is using its unique Internet-based activist network, campus programming experience, and established ties to the Sudanese community to launch an urgent grassroots campaign to demand immediate action.

Program Contribution Breakdown:
$19,000 Employee Grants Program
$8,000 Presidential Grants Program